Yevont’s 3D printed bags are produced adhering to the three pillars of sustainability: Sustainable Materials, Responsible Manufacturing, and Minimal Waste. Together, these three pillars form the gold standard of environmentally-friendly production. All materials used in Yevont’s luxury bags come from 100% recycled origins, are locally imported, and are animal-cruelty free.


Modern 3D printing not only allows for near zero-waste production, but also new styles and designs that cannot be replicated by traditional methods. Since 3D printing enables Yevont handbags to be printed on demand, they are entirely customisable, allowing customers to get their perfect handbag as quickly as possible without needless wasting of materials.

About the founder

An expert in 3D design and printing, Aaron Frankel's skillset has made him uniquely capable of filling in a wide gap in the fashion industry -- environmentally-friendly handbags that are both durable and stylish.

Aaron began Yevont with a single goal in mind: Make the best possible handbags by fusing contemporary design with contemporary ethics. Utilizing cutting-edge 3D printing technology, Aaron has created a line of handbags for those who value style, quality, innovation, and sustainability.